Monday, September 07, 2009

End of Summer

The end of summer has come. It's not really a time of total change for me at this point, since I'm a working woman now, but a lot of people around me are going to school either as faculty, staff or students, and the weather has already cooled a few degrees--rather suddenly, so it may soar up again at some point--I still feel a little stirring within.

Autumn in Virginia is idyllic. The air is cool, but gentle, the leaves slowly turn to rampant reds, yellows and oranges, the mountains settle into beautiful veils of fog. In Kansas, the weather's unpredictable: I've experience 80 degree heat in November and snow in April. When I was in college (here in Virginia), my mother once phoned me and told me about a tornado in October. That was also the day a patriarch of Tabor College passed away--that was the proper way for him to go, she told me. His name was Orlando, a name I've always liked; it seemed to have portended him for greatness. Summer, winter, spring and fall in New York have already been immortalized in this blog way too much for your eyes.

One change is happening for me, I think. I believe my little book, that is now twice the size as the original draft, is about to be finished. Now I'm going to have to send it out into the cold world and see if it can find a home. I'd love that home to be in a particular publishing house, where I have a tenuous relationship with an editor, but I can't lean on that. I'm going to have to get an agent. There were a few one of my workshop professors recommended to me. I'll try for those first. There is also one who had a connection with a woman from MMF.

We'll see what happens. Maybe this fall will be more than glorious nature-wise. Or not.